Wear Snapchat Smart Glass?


Would You Wear Snapchat Smart Glasses?

Snapchat is reportedly hiring hardware experts and wearable tech professionals to develop a line of smart glasses. Could this popular social media company succeed in the evolving wearable tech market?

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Airbnb for Your Closet

VillageLuxe, an invite-only online community, makes it possible for users to rent out their high-end clothing and accessories to fashion lovers in their area. Could this newly launched site be the "Airbnb of luxury fashion?"

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How To Switch From Excel To Techpacker In Seconds

If you have been managing your style specifications on a clunky software like Excel, but with all that important data switching to a different tool sounds like another battle, then here's your hack!


The North Face Becomes More Eco-Friendly

The leading outdoor apparel brand The North Face has expanded its clothing line of locally-produced garments. The brand seeks to bring together local farmers, artisans, and small businesses to produce high-quality clothing -- and bring in eco-conscious consumers in the process.

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Setting the Benchmark for Organic Cotton

The Japanese textile company Avanti is strongly dedicated to producing and selling high-quality, eco-friendly textiles using organic cotton. Read on to learn how the company has been at the forefront of sustainability and consciousness in the textile world.

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Pantone Develops 100+ New Colors

Pantone, the global authority on color, has developed more than 100 new hues to reflect key design trends across several industries. Read on to learn how the company is celebrating recent innovations in design with this new palette.

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Wearables You'll Actually Wear

Many fashion brands have ventured into the wearable tech sphere, but are consumers really buying their products? Several Parsons design students set out to solve this problem; read on to learn how.

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