New Feature: Track Techpack Changes

A radically better way to visually communicate changes. Now It's super easy and fast for factories or team members to track the changes made on a Techpack. Let's say you've updated the specs on a style, now when you send or download a techpack PDF, those changes will be highlighted for easy noticeability.



Imagine how much time it could save your factories flipping through those techpack pages trying to find the changes you've made.

How does it work?

Step 1: Click Preview PDF icon

Step 2:
Then click the print option button to view the drop-down menu. From the list, you'll have the option to generate that PDF with or without changes.

When you print or download the techpack PDF, the changes will be highlighted as such:

Techpacker compares and track the changes made between the last version of your techpack (sent or downloaded), with the latest updates made. These changes are then highlighted in your PDF (like in the image above)