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mPort's New Body-Measuring Device

The Australian company mPort has created a device that digitally scans your body and takes your measurements; the company then works with brands to find clothing that will perfectly fit those measurements. Could this change the way we shop for clothing?

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Collaboration for Stylish Astronaut Apparel

Virgin Galactic has teamed up with designer sportswear brand Y-3 to create high-tech apparel for the pilots, operations teams, and future passengers of Virgin Galactic's upcoming commercial space flights.

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Fujitsu Launches RFID Apparel Tags

Fujitsu has developed a low-cost RFID tag for fashion apparel and accessories. The tag will allow fashion rental enterprises to track items more easily and will streamline the process of reading items that are shipped to or returned by customers.

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New App for Fashion Content

Nevin Jethmalani has launched a new app called Notify Nearby, which uses location data and beacon technology to show users the latest promotions, product launches, collaborations, and exclusive content from their favorite brands.

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Let's look at these 5 Althleisure trends that Celebrities and style mavens alike are rocking.


Top 10 Futuristic Fashion Designs

Many wondrous creations have come from the merging of fashion and technology, such as shape-shifting footwear and Braille smartwatches. Check out this list of exciting, futuristic fashion designs that exist today.

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What Is the Future of Wearables?

Numerous brands have created smart jewelry and other gadgets to keep up with the wearable tech trend, but the pieces don't seem to resonate with consumers. Could the future of wearables lie in smart fabrics rather than devices?

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