The Next Industrial Revolution?


Get Ready for a Supply Chain Shift

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, as well as other luxury apparel brands, has begun to use a new retail strategy where consumers can purchase runway items immediately following her show. Could this strategy cause a major supply chain shift?

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Top Tech Moments at London Fashion Week

London has been known to show off its creative side during Fashion Week, and this year was no exception. Many British brands have joined the fashion-meets-digital movement, so read on to learn about the top tech moments at this year’s London Fashion Week.

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Here's What's Coming to Techpacker

Over the past 3 months we worked really hard to bring new features and enhancements on Techpacker. Finally we are set to launch our latest version 0.3 Cotton with impactful updates like Grading rule, Free sketch libraries, Multiple language support and much more..

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Solar-Powered Clothing Can Power Your Phone

Pauline van Dongen and Holstre Centre have designed a shirt that allows the wearer to charge devices on the go. The shirt generates sustainable energy from thin-film solar cells yet looks and feels like any other t-shirt.

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Take Selfies with This Smart Jewellery

Chinese wearables company iCharming has released a smart jewellery line that tracks fitness, allows wearers to alert emergency contacts, and even takes selfies with just a flick of the wrist.

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Our Top 7 Picks From The Capsule Show A/W 16

Team Techpacker logged some crazy hours carefully sifting around the recently held capsule show from NYC market week A/W 16 and picked up these interesting products and talents behind them.

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How Sony Built A Watch from E-Paper

Sony’s under-the-radar wearables startup has released a watch made from e-paper, a single piece of conductive film that bends to conform to the wearer’s wrist. Could this become the standard for accessories in the future?

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Could 3D Printing Be the Next Industrial Revolution?

3D printing is becoming more and more mainstream, especially in the fashion industry. Thanks to 3D printing technology, anyone can create customized products on demand at affordable prices. Could 3D printing replace mass production altogether?

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