Sustainability In Fashion


Fiber Innovation: The Future of Sustainability

Consumers today crave transparency and sustainability in all areas of the supply chain, starting with fiber production. What kinds of solutions are fiber producers proposing?

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New Solar-Powered Jacket

ThermalTech, a company that combines fashion, technology, and eco-friendliness, has designed a jacket that uses the energy of the sun to keep its wearer warm. Watch this video to learn more about their innovative fabric.

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New on Techpacker PRO-SERIES

This week on Techpacker Blog, Dione Bledsoe - a renowned fashion recruiter and the founder of FindtheFit Inc. sheds light on a 3D printing technology which she believes will revolutionize fashion manufacturing.


Instagram and Luxury Jewelry

It’s not news that Instagram and other social media platforms have become an essential part of the brand experience and brand awareness. But how exactly does it affect the luxury jewelry industry?

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Are These Smart Glasses Better Than Google Glass?

The engineers at Zeiss have developed a pair of smart glasses that will work with smartphones, much like smartwatches do. It is believed that they could succeed where Google Glass failed.

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Biotechnology and Denim

Because it is more eco-friendly and less expensive than chemical and mechanical wash procedures, enzyme treatment has recently become a popular method of denim washing. This article explores the use of these enzymatic applications on various denims.

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3D-Printed Jewelry in Hollywood

While the 3D-printed design trend is not new, do you know how the pieces are actually created? Jenny Wu, who opened her own 3D-printed jewelry company in Los Angeles, explains the intricate designing and printing processes.

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