Shaping the Future of Fashion


Shaping the Future of Fashion

It’s not news that technology has made its way into fashion. Many fashion entrepreneurs have embraced the tech-driven innovations in the industry, but how do we know which technologies are here to stay? Read on to learn about three emerging tech trends that could actually revolutionize how the fashion industry does business.

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Amazon Launches 7 Fashion Brands

Not only is Amazon designing its own private label goods, the company is already selling clothing and accessories under seven of its own trademark brands. Could this e-commerce giant become the largest apparel retailer in the U.S.?

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Netflix for Clothes

Renting clothes could soon become the norm for shoppers in the U.K. Several retailers have begun renting out their clothes and accessories to customers, and retail analysts believe this could become a major trend with high street stores. Much like Netflix, customers could rent those must-have pieces for a flat monthly fee.

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Wearable Tech at Fashion Week

From 3D-printed dresses to wearable brainwave readers, the infusion of technology in fashion was a clear theme at New York Fashion Week. Here are five of the coolest wearable tech designs from the runway this year.

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How To Manage Techpack Comments?

The key to product development success is an organized and timely communication between designers and their teams, factories and suppliers. Learn more on how Techpacker can smartly organize your entire communication and style files.

This Bracelet Could Be the New Snapchat

Gemio has designed a line of fashionable smart bracelets. Using Bluetooth technology, the bracelets can be programmed to light up in different patterns when a friend is nearby or when the wearer receives a text message. Unlike Snapchat, Gemio is offering a way to stay connected while looking stylish.

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These Shoes Could Make You Fitter

Samsung is the latest company to see the potential in wearable technology. The company has designed a line of smart shoes that use pressure sensors and accelerometers to help improve the wearer's balance, posture, and overall fitness.

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