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Robots Sit Front Row at Fashion Week

Front row attendees at Stockholm Fashion Week have been replaced by robots with virtual reality cameras. These robots allow fashion lovers to watch the runway shows from anywhere in the world.

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New Solar-Powered Jacket

Inspired by the navigation of migrating birds, designer Birce Ozkan has created a feathered jacket and skirt set that moves when the wearer is facing north. Wearers can now look chic while navigating through the city during Fashion Week.

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After some financial considerations and assurances (not to mention a healthy dose of confidence) gained from attending multiple events, it's now time for you to launch your own booth. That's great! But...what's next?


Download Your Clothes

Post-Couture offers a line of sustainable and affordable clothing that is customizable by design and size. By downloading the digital patterns and using fabric that the company provides, anyone can create custom clothing. Could this change today’s fashion system?

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Smart-Heating Cashmere Coat

Moon Berlin has released a new battery-powered, smart-heating cashmere coat. Via a battery that is integrated into the fabric, the coat can heat up in less than one minute and even has the ability to charge smartphones in its pockets.

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The New Fitbit Gets Fashionable

In another effort to move into the fashion world, the fitness tracking wearable company Fitbit has released the new Fitbit Alta. Unlike other Fitbit products, the Alta has interchangeable bands made with premium, fashionable materials.

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Bringing Sci-Fi to the Runways

Czech designer Monica Vaverova, among many other fashion designers, has jumped on the technology movement in fashion design. Her designs, which incorporate 3D-printed elements, prove that the infusion of technology in fashion is a trend that is here to stay.

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