How To Switch from Excel to Techpacker in Seconds?

If you have been managing your style specifications on a clunky software like Excel, and you know you hate it, but with all that important data switching to a different tool sounds like another battle, then here's your hack!

Thanks to Copy & Paste function, now you can switch your entire techpack specs from Excel to Techpacker in matter of seconds. Yup that’s right! By simply copying the data from Excel and pasting directly into your Techpacker account’s POM (Point of Measurement) table in the list view.

Here's a quick guide on how this works -

Go to Your Techpack List View

From the top sub-navigation bar on your techpack's cards dashboard, click on the List View tab located on the right side like in the image above. This is the table view of your style's POM (Point of Measurements) cards, where you can further add or modify the specifications with others.

Add Your Style POM

So List View is the "tabular format" for viewing your Measurements and Material cards. In other words, the list view serves the POM & BOM tables for your techpacks. Right at the bottom of the table you can add new measurements card from the "New Measurements" field (like in the above image). Simply name and add your POM's here one by one.

Important Fact: As you add each POM row in this table, you are alternatively creating their own card which is automatically posted on the Card View of your Techpack

Copy & Paste Your Specs

Now here's the magic! Just copy & paste your measurement units into the first cell of your table and your style specifications chart is complete. And do not forget to Save all Changes :)