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Hotel Towel Thieves, Beware! It Might Have a Tracking Chip

A Miami-based company recently patented a washable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that can be sewn into towels, robes and bedsheets. It will trigger an alarm if a guest tries to sneak that item out of the hotel premises.

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Haute Technology: Shaping Fashion's Future

Technology has brought in a whole new era for the fashion world. Technological advances have clearly influenced a number of designers in the past, and we are finally seeing it make an impact in the real world. Read on to learn about designers that are bringng technology to the fashion world.

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Cotton Price Slide Continues

Cotton prices continue to hover at long-term lows, averaging 56.4 cents a pound, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Sharp drop in worldwide cotton production, trending of synthetic fibers and new Chinese Cotton reserve policies are said to be the contributing factors for this markdown.

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Formaldehyde-Free Non-Iron Shirts

Twillory is a direct-to-consumer menswear startup that has introduced a line of non-iron shirts produced without formaldehyde, a product that is used as a resin in many other wrinkle-free fabrics.

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Pre-Production Sample Order Terms: A Complete Guide

This week on PRO-SERIES, learn how to draft a Sample Order Terms Documents, including product specifications, compliance requirements, sample revision and tooling ownership terms.

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Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes Are Here

In an effort to help athletes, Nike has released a line of shoes with "adaptive lacing" - the shoe can be adjusted to the wearer's changing needs through a sensor in the hel that automatically tighten the laces.

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You Can Customize This Luxury Dress

The generative designers at Nervous Systems have designed a dress that it is made of 1,600 scale-like pieces that act like a continuous textile when worn. By uploading a scan of your body, the dress pattern can change itself to look good on anyone.

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