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How Fashion Entrepreneurs Become Millionaires

Creativity is an obvious trait of successful fashion designers, but how does one translate those ideas to a successful fashion business? Read on to learn how self-made millionaire fashion entrepreneurs make their businesses so profitable.

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Warm Your Coat Like A Car Seat

In an effort to blend form and function, French label Courrèges has designed a high-fashion, tech-enabled coat. Fitted with a warming system similar to that of a heated car seat, this coat can heat the back, shoulders, and even the pockets with just the touch of a button.

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8 Productive Tools On Techpacker You Might Not Be Fully Utilizing.

If you are a fashion or technical designer here're a list of tools on Techpacker to enhance your productivity.


Bionic Yarn Is Making Sustainability Cool

Bionic Yarn Is Making Sustainability Cool
Bionic Yarn, a company that turns plastic waste into high-performance thread and fabric, has received accreditation for its work in sustainable fashion. Read on to learn how this company is working to make fashion more eco-friendly.

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Customize Your Luxury Shoes

MADE is the world’s first online bespoke shoe company offering a smartphone 3D foot scan to ensure a perfect fit. The company offers users complete control over the design process, a variety of customization options, and premium materials at an affordable price.

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Activewear Made from Seaweed

The menswear brand Rhone has designed a new collection of activewear. What sets it apart from other brands is that the entire collection is made from renewable raw materials, specifically fabric that is harvested from seaweed.

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Digital Shopping Carts at Timberland

The outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland seeks to combine physical and digital experiences for its customers. The brand’s New York City store has introduced tablets and digital installations that allow customers to easily view product information, as well as styling options and recommendations.

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