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Things Are Changing at Instagram

Instagram has announced a major change with its feed: instead of showing users the most recent posts first, the app will give higher priority to posts that each user is likely to care about. Will this change how brands use the social media platform?

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Eco-Friendly Fashion from India

For many years, women in north-eastern India produced eco-friendly, hand-woven silk fabric, but the world did not take notice. That is, until Daniel Syiem discovered this organic fabric; read on to learn how Daniel is working with these women to produce "fashion with a cause."

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7 Eco-Friendly Fabrics That Could Change Luxury Fashion

Sustainability is not always considered stylish, especially when it comes to luxury fashion. That's why these textile producers are out to prove that sustainability does not have to sacrifice style. Here are seven stylishly sustainable fabrics that could disrupt the luxury fashion industry.

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Setting the Benchmark for Organic Cotton

A group of Colombian scientists have designed a bra that can detect malignant cells in breast tissue by tracking fluctuations in temperate. This high-tech bra uses special software and infrared sensors to track fluctuations in temperature, which can indicate healthy or cancerous tissue.

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12 Stylish and Wearable Tech Accessories to Buy Now

If you're on the go, you understand the struggle of staying connected all day long. Whether you need a stylish way to charge your phone or a stealthy but chic fitness tracker, these tech accessories will help you stay connected.

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The Full-Body Wearable for Fitness Fanatics

Enflux has designed a piece of smart clothing that will take motion tracking to a whole new level. Designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind, this smart clothing records the body, analyzes form, and tracks progress while the wearer exercises.

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